Ebola in Spain: 4 people including nurse hospitalized in Madrid


An ambulance carrying a Spanish nurse infected with Ebola arrives at the Carlos III Hospital in Madrid early October 7, 2014 in this still image from video. (Reuters / Reuters TV)

Health officials in Madrid say three more people are in the hospital on suspicion of contracting Ebola. The news comes a day after a nurse who treated two Ebola patients at a city hospital became infected with the disease.

The nurse is now being treated with a drip using antibodies from those previously infected with the virus, Reuters reports. Approximately 22 people who have been in contact with the woman, dubbed by media the “Spanish Ebola nurse,” have been identified and are being monitored, Madrid health officials told reporters Tuesday.

The officials added that the hospitalized include the nurse’s husband, another health worker and a traveler who had spent time in one of the affected West African countries.

Spain’s Public Health director, Mercedes Vinuesa, told parliament that authorities were compiling a list of everyone who had come in contact with the nurse so that they could be monitored, AP reports.

Vinuesa said Spain had several treatments available and was employing them Monday. The unidentified nurse is reportedly in stable condition.

The 44-year-old woman is the first known person to have become infected with Ebola outside of Africa during the current outbreak. Other cases in Spain – and recently, the US – involved individuals contracting the disease while in Africa and then traveling back to their home countries.The nurse had reportedly helped treat a Spanish missionary and a Spanish priest, both of whom came down with the virus while in West Africa and later died after returning to Spain.

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