They’re Just Now Getting Around to Destroying Dirty Linens from Ebola Patient Zero’s Home


CBS News Channel 10 KFDA is reporting that the CDC removed some 30 barrels from Ebola Patient Zero Thomas Eric Duncan’s apartment yesterday. The items included towels, bed sheets, and not one but three mattresses used by Duncan before he was finally admitted and officially diagnosed with the deadly disease.

Via KFDA Channel 10:

Dallas city spokeswoman Sana Syed said that about 30 barrels were filled Friday with items including bed sheets, towels and three mattresses used by Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan before he was hospitalized. They were hauled away Friday night.

She said that next, everything else in the house will be disposed of.

Sure they will, you know, when they get around to it.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Thomas Duncan’s girlfriend, one of the family members who have been quarantined, said Duncan’s sweat-stained sheets were still on the bed five days after he was officially — finally — admitted to the hospital.

Duncan’s official Ebola diagnosis, of course, took place on Sunday, September 28th, even though Duncan had previously gone to the same hospital seeking treatment two days before, complaining of Ebola symptoms after his recent trip back from Ebola-ravaged Liberia. The hospital, as everyone knows by now, erroneously sent him home with useless antibiotics in what they have since “regrettably” described as a case of bad communication which they are now blaming on a technology failure.

Following his diagnosis, four of Duncan’s family members were quarantined all week in the same apartment Duncan had been suffering Ebola symptoms such as vomiting in since September 24th… shut up in there with all his germ-infested items for basically a whole additional week under armed guard at the behest of the CDC.

It wasn’t until yesterday that the family was finally moved to another location and the first of three phases to clean and sanitize Duncan’s apartment began.

Quick question: at this point, why bother?

That’s right. At this late hour (make that week), what’s the point?

The family members were already forced to stay in that apartment with those 30 barrels of dirty, potentially Ebola-tainted items in that small apartment this whole entire week (after being needlessly around the man for two additional days while he was highly infectious thanks to the Dallas hospital’s “regrettable” communication/technology failure).

Written by Melissa Melton
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