The Common Core guidelines written by Washington bureaucrats and handed out for schools across the nation to follow have been controversial in a number of ways already – politicizing history, politicizing math, editorially censoring some views and more.

Parents who are watching the program approach their local districts already know those issues.

But officials with the Home School Legal Defense Association now have released a video of parents sharing, sometimes very emotionally, what the program has done to their own children.

“My older son took the test, did just fine,” said Elaine Coleman, a parent of public school students in New York.

But then her younger son went into third grade.

“Within a month, everything just bottomed out. He didn’t like school anymore. He said he was dumb. He said he was stupid. He didn’t understand anything. I didn’t know what to do help him,” she said.

The video, called “The Parent Interviews,” is a part of the HSLDA’s “Building the Machine,” and for a brief time it will be available online.

The HSLDA reports that the first two states to fully implement the controversial standards are New York and Kentucky.

The documentary addresses the problems found by teachers, students and parents in the Washington-centric program as applied to classrooms.

Filmmaker Ian Reid’s project interviews parents, teachers and a social worker from New York, whose experiences with Common Core are first-hand.

Mary Calamia, a licensed clinical social worker interviewed, said she observed a significant increase in the number of students struggling with anxiety and depression since the Common Core’s implantation in the Empire State.

“What was so upsetting for [the children] was they couldn’t do the work, they feel stupid, they were extremely anxious, [and] extremely distressed about going to school,” she said.

The film is a follow-up to the highly successful documentary “Building the Machine,” a 40-minute film that reviewed the creation and implementation of Common Core. It was released in March.

“We were really happy with the response to the ‘Building the Machine’ film. Most viewers felt that it was an excellent primer on the standards and their questionable background, but many also expressed that they wanted a more in-depth look at the Common Core and how the standards have impacted parents and children.” said Reid. “In response to those requests, we’ve put together an additional 20-minute documentary featuring parent interviews from the state of New York and six content-specific episodes that explore issues such as international benchmarking, high-stakes testing, datamining and more.”

“The Parent Interviews” will be available for viewing online until Oct. 7.

In it, Calamia explained how one student subjected to the new programming carved the word “Stupid” in her wrist.

Parent Christine Barbara reported she thought that her children were being bullied, abused, or even molested, because of the dramatic change in their personalities.

“I didn’t anticipate [a child] falling apart completely,” she said.

Written by BOB UNRUH
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