Woman Pregnant With Twins Almost Had Abortion Until She Saw the Ultrasound


There is something about twins that adds excitement to a pregnancy. So often, when a couple determined to have an abortion finds out that there is not one baby in the womb, but two … they immediately experience a new and hopeful outlook about their children.

The abortion mentality says that this means double the difficulties. However, couples usually respond by offering double the sacrifice and double the love. Parents of twins say it’s also double the reward.

Here’s an example. In fact … two examples!


John, the 40 Days for Life leader in Cleveland, sent a quick note. “We had a save today!”

Volunteers were praying outside the abortion center when a couple drove up to them. The woman told them she had changed her mind about abortion … and that she was having twins.

“The vigil participants gave them some information about where they could get real help,” John said, “and the smiling couple drove away. Praise God!”


“I have great news to share with you as a result of our united prayer and sacrifices to save lives from abortion,” said Vicki in El Cajon.

Written by Shawn Carney
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  1. You are right that there is something about multiple births that is magical not that singletons are less of but I guess because it doesn’t happen to everyone makes it more personal and add to the excitement. Good luck to the couple.

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