Michelle O: ‘Impeachment’ aftershock if GOP wins Senate

First lady warns Democrats’ races could be lost by ‘few hundred votes’


First lady Michelle Obama is warning Democrats that control of the U.S. Senate, Republican efforts to impeach her husband and even the fate of Obamacare all may rest on “a few hundred” votes.

In an email to raise funds for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, she warned of dire consequences if the party fails to collect more money or get voters to the polls this November.

“I’ll put it frankly: If we lose these midterm elections, we’ll just see more obstruction, more lawsuits and talk about impeachment, and more votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act or even shut down the government,” her email stated.

Mrs. Obama added, “These races are going to be unbelievably tight. They could be won and lost by a few thousand – or even a few hundred – votes.”

The following is her email:


‘We have no plans to impeach’

In July, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, blasted Democrats for saying the House GOP wants to impeach Obama, calling it “a scam started by Democrats at the White House.”

“This whole talk about impeachment is coming from the president’s own staff and coming from Democrats on Capitol Hill,” Boehner said. “Why? Because they’re trying to rally their people to give money and to show up in this year’s election.”

He added, “We have no plans to impeach the president. We have no future plans.”

In that same month, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised $2.1 million in online donations in just one weekend when it blasted out an email with the subject, “House Republicans Refuse to Rule Out Impeachment.”

The Big List:

But WND reported in August when a member of Congress said the Constitution provides for impeachment when a president exceeds his authority, and it’s a provision that should be used.

U.S. Rep. Walter Jones, R-N.C., told WTIB’s “Talk of the Town” program that Boehner’s plan to sue Barack Obama in court probably is a non-starter.

“Use the Constitution,” he said on the Greenville, North Carolina, radio program. “That’s what it’s there for.”

Discussion about bringing impeachment charges against Obama has been around for years. It’s increased in intensity in recent months because of the piling on of scandals, including Fast and Furious, the IRS, the immigration catastrophe on the southern border, attacks against conservatives and tea-party members, Benghazi, Bowe Bergdahl and multiple changes to the Obamacare law without any participation from Congress.

Jones has been just one of many to join the conversation.

“I am one that believes sincerely that the Constitution says that when a president, be it a Republican or a Democrat, when a president exceeds his authority and you can’t stop the president from exceeding his authority then we do have what’s called impeachment,” he told the station.

“You can thank Alexander Hamilton,” Jones said. “He felt that the Congress needed to use this process to get the attention of a president. And if the president had lost the public trust then move forward in that area. A lot of people – you know, we recently had a vote to go to federal courts. I did not vote for that, Mike. I was one of five.”

He explained he’s already gone to court twice against a sitting president, first Bill Clinton and then Obama, and in neither situation did the case get very far.

Jones said he had lunch with Jonathan Turley, the constitutional law professor at George Washington University, to discuss the lawsuit. They were joined by Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D., former  former Republican congressman Ron Paul, former Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich and two other Democrats.

“We held a news conference in front of the federal court in Washington, D.C.,” Jones said. “Turley said I think we’ve got a pretty good shot to get this through the court system – George Washington University will pay for it. We did not get very far in the courts. My problem with what my party is trying to do, to sue, will cost the taxpayers between $2 and $3 million. Use the Constitution, that’s what its there for.”

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