Top ten things you need to do NOW to protect yourself from an uncontrolled Ebola outbreak


(NaturalNews) Now that Ebola “patient zero” has been confirmed in the United States, it’s clear that Ebola is spreading far beyond the control of any government or health department. Just weeks ago, President Obama promised Ebola wouldn’t arrive in the United States, but now it’s here.

The CDC is promising that they can keep it all under control for this patient discovered to have carried Ebola into Dallas. But can they also contain the next Ebola patient? How about the one after that? And how does any government contain a viral pandemic that can’t be stopped with bullets and bombs?

In truth, if you want to be safe from the increasingly likely possibility of an Ebola outbreak in North America, you need to take steps NOW to protect yourself. That’s what I specialize in. I’m the creator of the website which has now taught pandemic preparedness skills and lifesaving knowledge to over one million people.

Here are the highlights of what you need to be doing right now, in preparation for a pandemic outbreak:

#1) Boost your immune system function with medicinal herbs and nutrients

All patients who have survived Ebola so far can credit their immune systems for saving their lives.

Anyone who is not actively taking steps right now to significantly boost their immune function with anti-viral herbs, natural medicines, superfoods and nutritional supplements is putting their own life at risk.

I’ve listed the full details of exactly which immune-boosting items to acquire and use in Episode Six of the Pandemic Preparedness course.

Episode Seven also teaches you how to stop suppressing your immune system with toxic chemicals and medications. Listen to these two episodes now if you want to live through a pandemic outbreak.

Or, if you prefer to die, just follow the CDC’s official advice to “wash your hands” and wait around for an experimental vaccine while doing nothing to help yourself in the interim.

#2) Significantly enhance your local food supplies in anticipation of quarantines and food disruptions

One of the first things that happens in a medical quarantine is that food quickly becomes scarce. There are three reasons for this:

1) The quarantine restricts movement of transport traffic into and out of the quarantine zone.

2) Drivers of transport vehicles refuse to make deliveries into the quarantine zone.

3) Citizens stuck inside the quarantine zone begin to stockpile all supplies in anticipation of supply shortages.

Currently, millions of citizens in Sierra Leone are suffering under a hellish quarantine which has resulted in a near-total economic collapse of the region.

If you don’t believe me, see this Washington Post article entitled Ebola-stricken Liberia is descending into economic hell.

#3) Anticipate disruptions in everything: banking, emergency services, water, power and more

When any region is subjected to a medical quarantine, it means citizens in that region can’t go to work. Those workers run the banks, police departments, water treatment facilities, power plants and so on.

When those workers stay home under a quarantine order, all those businesses and facilities they used to run suddenly cease to function. That’s when the local ATMs stop working and basic infrastructure services (such as municipal water) are at risk of disruptions or shutdowns.

How will you survive if you have no food deliveries to the grocery store? No 911 emergency services? No electricity? No tap water? No hospital emergency rooms?

#4) Acquire basic medical protection and isolation gear, including plastic sheeting

If Ebola spreads throughout North America, hospitals will be quickly overrun with patients. Most people seeking medical care will be sent home to die. Presently, 82% of infected patients in Africa are being turned away from hospitals and told to go home.

Do you have basic medical supplies at home to take care of yourself or an infected family member? Do you have isolation supplies to isolate one infected family member from other members of your family?

I cover this in extensive detail in Episode 12 (not yet published but coming soon) at

Expect many important supplies to be completely wiped out in the coming days and weeks. For example, at the time of this writing, you can purchase a pack of 25 Tyvek body suits with hoods at for just $134. That’s a little over $5 a suit.

By the time you read this, however, all those suits will probably be sold out. You can click here to check if I’m right. In a pandemic outbreak in North America, these suits will likely be auctioned on eBay for $100 each (or more).

Those who prepare in advance can save a small fortune on the items everyone will suddenly want all at the same time. If you don’t already have full-body isolation suits stocked and ready, you’re already behind the preparedness curve.

Remember: BEFORE the outbreak, each of these suits could be purchased for less than a Starbucks coffee. But AFTER the outbreak spreads, you probably won’t be able to find them at any price.

#5) Have a bug-out plan ready to go, and have the fuel and gear to follow your plan

If Ebola begins to spread in your local city, do you have a plan to evacuate before the quarantine occurs?

Medical quarantines should truthfully be called “death zones” because once they’re put in place, no one is allowed to leave until they’re either immune or dead… or until the viral transmission has completely halted (which usually only happens after everyone is either immune or dead).

The smart play is to get out of the high-density population centers and relocate to a rural area long before a quarantine order comes into play.

Quarantine orders happen without warning. That’s on purpose because the government doesn’t want people fleeing an “upcoming” quarantine area, thereby causing the virus to spread even farther. So by definition, all quarantines happen instantly, without warning. This simply means if you haven’t bugged out beforehand, you will likely not be able to bug out at all.

#5) Get some extra cash in anticipation of financial and electronic commerce disruptions

If a medical quarantine is announced in your local area, it won’t take long for local banks and cash machines to be out of order.

How will you acquire the cash to purchase all the supplies you’ll desperately need in a quarantine? Food prices will instantly skyrocket, and anti-viral herbs and natural medicines will be almost priceless (if you can find them at all).

Written by Mike Adams
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