Surprise: After Illegal Immigration Wave, Tuberculosis Plagues El Paso Hospital


Earlier this summer when the unaccompanied minor crisis was at its peak (after really starting in October 2013) in Texas and Arizona, Border Patrol agents working inside processing facilities reported cases of Tuberculosis, scabies and other diseases being brought into the United States by unvaccinated illegal aliens. Warnings were issued by local communities about the impact these diseases could potentially have in the public school system where their children are educated. For example, protestors in Murrieta, California turned bus loads of illegal immigrants away, citing concerns about public health. Those protestors and people who warned about the spread of disease were accused of fear mongering and exaggeration. 

Fast forward now to September and thousands of illegal minor children have been shoved into the public education system without meeting normal immunization requirements (because after all, they’re entitled to it according to the Department of Education) and into local hospitals for medical care. As a result, cases of Tuberculosis are popping up with five confirmed infections and at least 700 children being put at risk. From NBC:

Five babies have tested positive for tuberculosis infection after an employee at an El Paso hospital exposed hundreds of infants to the disease, according to a statement released by the El Paso Department of Public Health.

Written by Katie Pavlich
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