The devaluing of individual human lives is responsible for the past century being the bloodiest in human history and puts our civilization in peril, with both collectivists and “radical individualism” contributing to the problem, according to acclaimed filmmaker Jason Scott Jones.

Jones, best known for his gripping film, “The Stoning of Soraya M.,” is also the author of “The Race to Save Our Century: Five Core Principles to Promote Peace, Freedom and A Culture of Life” and insists it’s not too late to restore humanity to our culture.

In his book, Jones posits that since the start of World War I a century ago, mankind has slipped further into a state of “subhumanism” that is increasingly indifferent to the fate of individual lives.

“Subhumanism is really the culmination of various ideologies of evil that have collided and amalgamated into this new ideology that denies the incomparable dignity, beauty and worth of the human person,” he explained. “From 1914-2014, it’s been the most violent, bloody period in human history, with horrible genocide and total war.”

Jones cites five contributing factors that he sees as stepping stones to subhumanism, including the total war concept of targeting entire populations instead of just the military, racism and nationalism and utopian collectivism.

Those concepts are seen as characteristics in the 20th-century horrors of the Holocaust, Josef Stalin’s USSR, communist China and the Killing Fields of Cambodia. However, Jones also said subhumanism results from the Western tendencies of “radical individualism” and “utilitarian hedonism.”

“Those two are probably the most difficult to talk about as Americans, because those are the ideologies of evil that afflict our culture,” he said.

For years, Jones considered himself libertarian in nature, but has since concluded that approach devalues life from the opposite end of the spectrum from totalitarian states.

“When we look at today in the United States, with divorce ripping our families apart, the devastation of pornography and the horrible crime of abortion, we see what happens when we deny the true dignity of the human person and deny our interconnectivity as part of the human family,” he said.

Jones said while collectivists and fierce individualists disagree on virtually everything, they hold one thing in common that is very destructive to society.

“Individualists and utopian collectivists both agree that the only two realities in society are the state and the person,” Jones said. “As conservatives and as Christians, we understand there are these beautiful institutions, these natural institutions in civil society, that are intermediaries between the person and the state: the family, the church, community organizations. These are very important to a humane society.”

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