U.S. Supreme Court Justice Eric Holder?


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After six bumpy years of controversial service, the besieged but bolstered Attorney General Eric Holder resigned. But is this close friend and confidant of President Obama really stepping down for some benign reason at a critical time in our country, or is there another much more sinister and strategic plan behind it all?

First, it’s far more than a coincidence that this leading U.S. prosecuting lawyer is leaving office with more unanswered questions about crucial life-death national dilemmas than any previous attorney general. While most have been accused of sitting on issues, none as Holder have been so assailed in personally stonewalling investigations, covering up government involvement and refusing to deal with such politically explosive controversies or prosecute such monumental crimes as the Fast and Furious debacle, Benghazi tragedy, NSA wiretappings, press infringements, drone attacks on U.S. citizens, IRS scandals, 9/11 terrorist prosecutions, etc., in which so many Americans rights were infringed and lives affected.

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