Following loss of fingerprints, DC asks gun owners to re-register


Washington Metro Police Chief Cathy Lanier (Photo: Fox 5)

The Washington Metropolitan Police Department, after losing part of its electronic fingerprint database, is sending gun owners notice that they need to come by and give them again.

In a story broken by Emily Miller at Fox 5 DC,  although gun owners in the District already by law have to re-register both themselves and their firearms every three years, this latest requirement from the city comes after the existing fingerprint data collected July 2012 to March 2013 has vanished. Each affected owner has to be reprinted as well as pay a $13 per gun registration fee, which, for some owners, can add up to hundreds of dollars.

“At the beginning of registration, I had to fingerprint,” D.C. gun owner Lenny Harrell explained. “Then I went down and had to re-fingerprint.”

Written by Chris Eger
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