Doctor Refuses to Treat Child With Trisomy 18, Tells Mom “She’s Lived Longer Than Expected”


We have a friend, Kayse, here in Michigan who has a beautiful little 2 year old girl named Lila.  Kayse sent us an update the other day (Saturday September 27th) because Lila has been sick for the last couple of weeks.  Most people have read about the viruses making their way around the country and get a little nervous about their children getting one of these viruses that have put so many children in the hospital.

Well, we pay close attention to these updates that we receive because Lila has Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome) which is the same chromosome abnormality that our 5 ½ years old daughter Faith has.  These respiratory viruses can be particularly difficult for our children.

Lila has been hospitalized twice this month for a total of about 11 days for a bronchiole infection and lack of oxygenation. Wednesday evening she was discharged from the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) on a small amount of oxygen. Doctors told Kayse to continue with care at home and to return if she gets a fever of any kind or if she gets worse at all.

Her oxygen saturation started dropping into the high 70′s which is very low since our bodies need to operate in the mid 90s.  Kayse upped her oxygen and gave her a breathing treatment. Then Lila developed a low grade temperature so they called the after-hours pediatrician number, and the doctor asked them to go to the hospital. When they arrived, the resident and attending doctors in ER wanted to have her admitted.  The ER doctors had the PICU resident and attending physicians come down to look at Lila.  In the meantime, the nurse had not come into the room yet, and the respiratory therapist gave Lila a breathing treatment and stated that her lungs sounded coarse which means she had mucous in her lungs.

Written by Brad Smith
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