Barbarians in Our Midsts

It’s one thing to read news articles detailing horrors of radical Islamists and quite another to run up against these people firsthand. This is what happened to a personal friend in Australia two days ago. We all need to pay attention to this – especially we women.

Last evening when I spoke with a girlfriend in Queensland, Patricia was uncharacteristically subdued. No bubbly enthusiasm spilling over. Since we often talk a couple times a week, her ‘off’ mood was immediately apparent. Normally she greets a ‘hello’ with ‘it’s only me’ and a giggle, and we’re off and running into a newsy, fun conversation. Usually an hour slips away without either of us noticing.

She’ll share the latest ridiculous stuff done by their government and of course, Obama and Congress offer no shortage of material here. Last night there were no amusing tales about their animals like Bailey, their newest German Shepherd, chewing holes in the wall or ‘redesigning’ a table leg; no stories about work layoffs in the car and mining industries, no news about her latest foray into natural remedies or business challenges of people ripping off her work. Instead Patricia relayed the following sobering encounter.

Since her husband, Mike, was enjoying a 3-week vacation, he accompanied her to Coles – a major grocery chain much like Safeway, Kroger or Winn-Dixie. This task is something Patty normally does by herself while Mike’s at work.

After the groceries were purchased, Patty wandered outside for a newspaper. As she dropped coins in the vending machine and retrieved the latest Courier Mail, three Muslim men accosted her on the sidewalk. One of the three stuck his face right in hers and began to verbally harass her. Patty looked around for Mike, but he was 150 yards away unaware of her predicament. When she demanded to know what he wanted, this Muslim began clucking in her face.

What the heck was up with that?

Patty said his clucking indicated disgust. This was very unnerving for a woman seemingly alone and literally defenseless. The normally unflappable Patty sensed danger and fled back inside Coles.


Photo: Martin Bryant
Photo: Martin Bryant

Stan and I still lived in Australia when their government took advantage of the actions of a deranged man, mentally challenged Martin Bryant, after he killed 35 people in Tasmania and injured another 23. Since Australia doesn’t have the death penalty, Bryant is serving 35 life sentences plus 1,035 years without chance of parole. Quite a waste of space and resources to keep this crazy person alive. My personal opinion. No motive was released to the public for Martin’s actions. However, his lawyer wrote a book detailing the massacre. In it he revealed that Bryant was fixated on murders committed at an elementary school in Dunblane, Scotland the month before. He continually prodded his lawyer asking how many people had he, Martin Bryant, killed – was it more than the 17 who lost their lives in Scotland?

Within 6 months of what became known as the Port Arthur Massacre, the Aussie govt. initiated a total gun recall on Sept. 30, 1996. They hit people when they felt vulnerable and few resisted. Little did they reason out that the bad guys would still have weapons and the only people disarmed – for the most part – were law abiding citizens. Does this ring a Sandy Hook bell? Politicos took that opportunity to push through onerous firearms legislation here in America. If liberals could accomplish it, we too, would be completely without self protection of the 2nd Amendment.


Over the years, I’ve read numerous articles quoting Australian crime stats after their firearms buyback. Some were correct, some not. Below is the real deal. I kept the numbers from the SSAA (Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia) that published them straight from the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ publication Recorded Crime, 1998.

“The data indicate that between 1996 and 1997, serious crime increased considerably in Australia. Murder rose by 3.2%; assaults increased by 8.6%; armed robbery grew by a frightening 44%; unarmed robbery increased by 21%; unlawful entry with intent, including both (UEWI) involving the taking of property and (UEWI) ‘other’, rose by 3.9%, while motor vehicle theft increased by 6.1%”.

“The rise in the number of murders is particularly significant, bearing in mind that the increase took place at the same time as the Federal Government was forcibly appropriating people’s firearms, premised on the argument that it would lead to a ‘safer community’ – the increase becomes even more dramatic if one allows for the 35 murders in one incident in 1996. Similarly, the enormous increase in the number of both armed and unarmed robberies raises some serious doubts about the government’s claims. According to the ABS data, armed robbery underwent the most significant increase of any category of crime in 1997.

“Comparing the 1997 murder rates with the levels of firearm density within particular states also brings up some critical questions about the supposed relationship between homicide and gun ownership. According to the ABS figures, Western Australia, which is generally acknowledged as having the lowest firearm ownership density per head of population, with around 7.8% of persons over the age of 15 owning a gun, currently has a murder rate of 1.67 persons per 100,000.

“Tasmania, however, with the highest ratio of gun ownership at 13.6%, has a rate of just 1.48 persons per 100,000, 0.19 persons per 100,000 behind Western Australia (despite having nearly twice the number of gun owners per head of population) and 0.26 below the national average of 1.74.

The Northern Territory, on the other hand, which has had firm firearm regulation for some time compared (until recently) to Tasmania’s generous laws, nevertheless has a murder rate of 4.28 persons per 100,000, 2.8 times that of Tasmania and almost 2.5 times the average for the rest of the country.Clearly, significant factors which have nothing whatsoever to do with firearm regulation are responsible for overall homicide rates.


“The details of the 1997 murder rate also offer another serious rebuke of the government’s claim that ‘Australia will be a safer place’. For example, despite the forced statewide surrender of 207,220 firearms (and roughly 640,000 throughout Australia), not only did Victoria’s overall number of murders increase by 18% between 1996 and 1997, but the number of homicides committed with a firearm rose by nearly 300%. All jurisdictions, with the exception of the Northern Territory, experienced increases in their overall number of homicide offences in 1997. (Note: allowing for 35 murders in a single incident in 1996 (Martin Bryant), Tasmania’s total number of homicides rose from 2 to 7 in 1997.) The total number of homicides committed in Western Australia rose by a very substantial 33%.

“Given the very real growth in serious crime, Australian shooters forced to surrender their firearms to the government would be right in asking just precisely what criteria (Prime Minister) John Howard had in mind for gauging a supposedly “safer community” when he made his predictions during his now infamous flak jacket address to gun owners at Sale in 1996. In assessing the impact of the government’s ill-conceived anti-firearm agenda, the Australian Bureau of Statistics data clearly show that Howard’s 1996 claims were nothing more than hot air. Indeed, Australia is less safe now than it was before the current Federal regime set about expropriating people’s property and attempting to undermine private firearms ownership generally.” 1


These are the times in which we live and removing firearms doesn’t remove the threat. In China this March, 29 people were killed and another 130 were injured when 10 men armed long knives stormed a train station. Last April, a knife-wielding student stabbed 14 people at a Houston-area community college. December 14, 2013 – the same day as the Newtown, Conn., school shooting – a man attacked students at an elementary school in central China, wounding 22 children and one adult. Again, the weapon was a knife.

Written by: HOLLY DRENNAN DEYO; shared by DAVID HODGES – continue reading at THE COMMON SENSE SHOW

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