The HRC Is Inciting Fear and Hate


The pictures are dark and ominous, the charges chilling: “There exists a network of extremists … [who] spew venomous rhetoric, outrageous theories, and discredited science.”

Just who are these evil people, and what are they doing?

According to the Human Rights Campaign, the world’s largest gay-activist organization, this “network” consists of American, conservative Christian leaders “who are working tirelessly to undercut LGBT people around the world at every turn.”

I have made it onto this list—unfortunately, only with a “dishonorable mention”—adding to my already impressive resume of being marked by groups like GLAAD, which seeks to censor opposing viewpoints through its Commentator Accountability Project (which is why I have renamed them the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Disagreement), and the SPLC, which not only seeks to malign conservative Christians but also has blood on its hands. (Criminology professor Mike Adams has rightly dubbed them the Intellectual Poverty Law Center, evidenced in part by the SPLC’s placing me on their list of “30 New Activists for the Radical Right,” along with neo-Nazis, white supremacists and New Black Panthers. See also here and here.)

Not to be outdone, the HRC’s latest report, entitled, “The Export of Hate,” contains written descriptions of this alleged network of extremists as well as black-and-white sketches (or white on black sketches), depicting us with inaccurate and scary images. (About the only thing they got right in my sketch, on p. 22 of their report, is that I’m a male with a mustache.)

Given the fact that the HRC has an annual budget of roughly $45 million, one would think they could hire an artist who could actually draw, which suggests that the menacing images of this so-called “network” of “extremists” who allegedly export a “vicious brand of bigotry” are intended to incite fear and loathing toward us.

Why not simply report the facts?

Could it be that the HRC is describing its own work with the title “The Export of Hate”? Could it be that the HRC is guilty of spewing “venomous rhetoric”?

Other gay publications, like the flagship, are repeating HRC’s claims, announcing “America’s globetrotting extremists exposed” and stating that “the Human Rights Campaign has taken off the gloves to expose American extremist organizations and individuals in a new report about the homophobic hatred they spread around the globe.” Indeed, “‘The Export of Hate’ profiles America’s worst globetrotting homophobic offenders [with] a rap-sheet style that also puts them ‘on notice.'”

Well, I’m here to the put the HRC on notice: Your fear-mongering tactics will be exposed and, speaking for myself (but with confidence that my words apply to others), I will not bow down to your bullying tactics or your rap-sheet nonsense.

Here are some salient facts:

First, there is no “network.” Virtually all of the individuals and organizations listed work independently, and a good number of us have never met or worked with most (or even all of) the others on the list. This means that the HRC chose the term “network” quite intentionally to give the impression of some type of worldwide collaboration, when no such thing exists. (Shades of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.)

Written by:  MICHAEL BROWN – continue reading his article at CHARISMA NEWS

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