Michelle O knocks ‘hard’ life to kids with cancer


First lady Michelle Obama visited sick children this week at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, where she told the kids “it can be hard” to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and be married to the president of the United States.

“About being in the – about being first lady is being able to do stuff like this, really. And it is so special for me to get to meet kids like you guys,” she began during her Sept. 17 visit to the hospital that specializes in treating childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

“Because sometimes living in the White House and being married to the president and trying to live a life like that, it can be hard.”

She continued, “But when I meet you guys, I am so inspired, which is one of the reasons why I like to come and spend time with you guys. You all are smart, and you’re focused, and you’re just so courageous. And it’s just fun to be able – I could be here all day with you, if you haven’t noticed.”

The children began to laugh.

The first lady explained what she found to be her favorite part of her life in the White House.

“The best part is – I like the South Lawn, I like the Truman Balcony. … That’s one of my favorite places to be, because we can be outside and you can look over the fountain, and you see the Washington Memorial, and it’s a really pretty view.  And it’s peaceful.”

As WND reported, parents were outraged at security restrictions put in place so Michelle could visit St. Jude. They said they were restricted from accompanying their sick children to the hospital because security requirements prohibited both parents from escorting the little patients to medical appointments.

A woman named Angie Rouse Green posted the following message to Facebook on Sept. 16

“RANT: I am LIVID!!!!!! I just got a phone call from a St Jude mom whose son is battling a brain tumor. … Tomorrow, this little boy has his MRI. The results come after. His mom was told that she cannot bring her husband with her to get the MRI results!

“Why you ask?? Well, because the first lady and her entourage will be in the hospital tomorrow for, I assume, a photo shoot and Secret Service has pretty much shut down to bare necessity our hospital. Only one person allowed per patient, no social media in hospital, no photos in hospital, cars will be towed in garage, more than one person with patient will be turned away at the gate by Secret Service!”

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