Pocket-Sized Surveillance Drone Can Fly Through Windows

A new pocket-sized surveillance drone endorsed by the US Air Force which could ultimately end up in the hands of law enforcement can fly through open windows and reach other confined spaces.

The Extreme Access Pocket Flyer, developed by Massachusetts-based startup CyPhy Works, features a 360 degree high-resolution panoramic camera and is just 7 inches long when fully configured. The drone also features wireless communications relay technology and enjoys “virtually unlimited flight time” as a result of being tethered to a microfilament battery that provides power.

The company was recently awarded a contract by the US Air Force to develop a version of the drone to be used in search and rescue missions such as in collapsed buildings.

However, CyPhy Works CEO Helen Greiner envisages the project being expanded so that the drone will eventually be available to law enforcement authorities.

Written by Paul Joseph Watson
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