Missouri Democrats Trust A Convicted Drug User and A Violent Former Gang Member With Guns More Than Hard Working Teachers


The left in Missouri is apoplectic over the veto override of SB 656.  One Democratic legislator, convicted drug user Rep. Jeremy LaFaver, told The Missouri Times he was worried about guns in the classroom:

“The bill highlights the GOP’s hypocrisy,” Rep. Jeremy LaFaver (D-Kansas City) said. “They love big government when it means telling local governments what to do. This will backfire on them in November because moderate, suburban moms and dads know guns in kindergarten classrooms are a bad idea. The real question is how well will Democrats capitalize on their foolishness.”

Why are guns in the classroom a bad idea?

Let’s really look at that.  What are these hoplophobes afraid of?

The teachers carrying will be known by the school administration.

They will 112 hours of training, and an additional 12 hours annually.

They have to have background checks and get a permit from the government to carry concealed.

And they have to volunteer.  They have to want to do this.

So what’s to fear?

That they will leave a gun in a desk drawer for a student to find?

That they will shoot a kid accidentally?

That they are too irresponsible to trust with a gun around children?

That’s kind of insulting, isn’t it?  I mean, these are still teachers, the folks millions turn their children over to every morning.  They are respectable people with degrees, highly trained to be educators.

Suddenly they are incompetent, irresponsible boobs because they’re carrying?

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