New Emergency Drills Simulate Nuclear Explosion In Nebraska


Editor’s Note: Considering this entire War on Terror is a fabrication on several fronts, and nothing proves that more than the way Uncle Sam essentially funded his own enemy in both al Qaeda and ISIS… and now our government is leaving the U.S.-Mexico border wide open and unprotected from the many reported men of Middle Eastern descent who are on the terror watchlist crossing that border before being whisked away by Homeland Security and the records deleted from border patrol’s computers, this is worth paying attention to.

It’s not like false flags are just a conspiracy theory. They are a conspiracy fact.

The lunatics are running the asylum…

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

Considering the large number of times that a false flag attack has occurred at or around the same time as a military drill or a civilian emergency preparation drill in the past, it is understandable that many researchers, activists, and otherwise well-informed observers become concerned whenever such drills are scheduled.

This very reason is perhaps why many are raising their eyebrows at a drill scheduled for tomorrow and Wednesday (September 16-17) in Nebraska which simulates a nuclear explosion near I-80 in the vicinity of Scottsbluff.

As reported by the local ABC News affiliate KOTA News, Regional West Medical Center is scheduled to participate in the drill in the capacity of training to decontaminate victims, ensure accurate reporting, and treating injuries.

Written by George Orwell’s Ghost
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