Committee gives its approval to use firing squad for executions if needed


Utah has carried out 40 executions by firing squad, the last in 2010. (Photo: Times of London)

Following a spate of issues nationwide with condemned inmates and the lethal injection process, a committee of Wyoming lawmakers gave their stamp of approval to bring back the firing squad.

Proposed changes to state law would include removing references to the use of the gas chamber as a backup means of execution if lethal injection was not available, and substitute the use of firing squads in its place. With the state unable to obtain the drug cocktail used in lethal injections, the secondary means of execution could soon be utilized.

The draft measure was approved by a 10-3 vote of the Wyoming Joint Judiciary Interim Committee in their scheduled meeting in Laramie last Friday.

“If the method of execution of the sentence of death as provided … is held unconstitutional or if the sentencing court finds execution by lethal injection cannot be performed by prescribed law, the sentence of death shall be executed by firing squad within the time prescribed by law unless for cause shown, the court or the governor extends the time,” reads the draft measure.

Written by Chris Eger
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