Is Secular the New Satanic?


Uncle Screwtape is not going to be happy. Things were going so well until a recent miscue under the watch of an underling. The oversight now threatens to blow the Adversary’s cover in a growing number of U.S. cities.

Or perhaps it was approved by the High Command. Screwtape himself had said in his seventh letter,

I have great hopes that we shall learn in due time how to emotionalize and mythologize their science to such an extent that what is, in effect, belief in us (though not under that name) will creep in while the human mind remains closed to belief in the Enemy. . . . [T]hen the end of the war will be in sight.

Whatever the case, the cat now may be out of the bag. The Detroit Free Pressand USA Today report that the “Satanic Temple” in New York is branching out to the Motor City, with fifteen others to be announced in the coming weeks.

Not What You Think

But don’t be fooled by the name, the pentagrams, and the upside-down crosses. This tiny sect doesn’t believe in the supernatural at all, but only a “metaphorical, literary construct” of Satan. They’re essentially secular to the core (though they wouldn’t want to say it that way), and their hope is that the name and imagery sends silly supernaturalists like us expecting all the wrong things (like cannibalism, human and animal sacrifice, and Satan-worship), only to have our folly exposed.

The local leader in Michigan, who has taken the name “Jex Blackmore,” says, “The idea of sacrifice specifically is to appease some demon or some god, and that’s a supernatural belief that we don’t subscribe to.”

Founded in New York just two years ago, the Satanic Temple is cutting paths across the country, acting as a religious group and aiming to undo supernaturalists in general, and Christians in particular. The group has done first-amendment rights demonstrations in Florida and Massachusetts and (understandably) seeks to block a Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma by demanding that a Satanic statue appear alongside.

Written by David Mathis
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