ISIS Threat to America a Farce


Despite clamoring in favor of all-out war by the establishment amidst lurid scenarios of ISIS attacking deep within the heartland, there is scant evidence the group plans to conduct terror attacks in the United States.

Although many members of Congress and the establishment media portray ISIS as the number one security threat to the nation, others have taken a more measured and even a highly critical view of the move toward war.

ISIS Threat a Monumental “Farce”

In the wake of Obama’s speech on ISIS Wednesday, his former top counterterrorism adviser at the State Department, Daniel Benjamin, told The New York Times the ISIS threat is nothing less than a “farce.”

“It’s hard to imagine a better indication of the ability of elected officials and TV talking heads to spin the public into a panic, with claims that the nation is honeycombed with sleeper cells, that operatives are streaming across the border into Texas or that the group will soon be spraying Ebola virus on mass transit systems — all on the basis of no corroborated information,” said Benjamin.

Obama admitted during his speech an ISIS attack on America is a remote possibility at best. He characterized the group as a regional threat and said there is no specific information showing it poses a direct threat to the United States.

In addition to Obama’s remarks and terrorism experts discounting and downplaying the ISIS threat at home, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, said ISIS does not currently threaten the United States. Dempsey said there is no evidence the group is engaged in “active plotting against the homeland.”

Propaganda Campaign for War Wins Hearts and Minds

Written by KURT NIMMO
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