Big Food tripled spending this year to stifle growing GMO labeling movement


(NaturalNews) It is something that, as an American and a consumer, ought to outrage you: Big Food companies spending tens of millions of dollars just to keep information from you — to prevent you from knowing all that there is to know about a substance, or substances, that could be harming your health, as well as the overall health of the American agricultural industry.

As Reuters reported recently, Big Food, which opposes mandatory labeling of anything manufactured with genetically modified organisms, spent nearly three times what they spent in all of last year in the first six months of this year to keep GMO-labeling laws from becoming reality (or attacking those that have already been put on the books, like Vermont’s GMO-labeling law). That amounts to $27 million in the first half of 2014 — all to keep you in the dark.

The anti-GMO-labeling effort is being echoed by an increasing number of “interested” parties, but it has been led primarily by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), which has spread millions of dollars around to “interested” parties (think lawmakers) to kill labeling bills.

The GMA has been joined by mega-corporations and mega-biotech firms like Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo Inc., as well as Monsanto and DuPont, all of which spent heavily “on GMO labeling-related lobbying, according to a report issued by the Environmental Working Group [EWG],” Reuters reported.

The EWG examined and analyzed disclosure forms from the lobbying activities of the anti-GMO-labeling groups and companies, in addition to other policies. Here is what Reuters reported, based on the EWG’s findings:

Coca-Cola spent $4.8 million through the second quarter of this year; PepsiCo spent $2.34 million; DuPont spent $2.4 million, while Monsanto spent $1.08 million, according to the report.

You should be upset that someone is trying to prevent you from knowing what’s in the foods you eat

In all, opponents of GMO labeling reported more than $15.2 million in lobbying expenditures for the second quarter of this year, which brings the six-month lobbying expenditure total for all of this year to $27.5 million. That figure compares to $9.3 million disclosed in lobbying expenses by Big Food and Big Agri-biotech companies all of last year, the EWG — a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. — reported. The EWG supports GMO labeling.

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