The Difference Between Prayer and Magic

The Bible warns against using sorcery and/or magic, but extolls the virtues of prayer.

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 But both prayer and magic seek to use the powers of supernatural forces to achieve mortal desires. So, what’s the difference between prayer and magic?

I believe the difference is one of control and sovereignty.

When I pray, I pray as a supplicant, as a subject, a servant, an inferior.  My prayers recognize the superiority of our Father YHWH ha Elohiym, and my relative inferiority.   I pray/ask that God will assist me in some way, but I do not suppose or imagine that, just because I pray, God will necessarily grant my request.  God is my sovereign.  I am His subject and/or servant.  Perhaps He will grant my prayer; perhaps not.

As the Messiah observed near the end of his life, “Not my will, but thy will, be done.”  The Messiah thereby recognized and confessed that he, and his will, were inferior to God and His will, and that he (the Messiah) would do as his Father instructed him, even if doing so was contrary to the Messiah’s will and seeming best interests.

But if I invoke magic, I invoke control. I do not plead; I command.

If I invoke magic, I do not pray/ask that God or demons or whatever supernatural power I might care to invoke to “please” help me.  I command that supernatural power to help me.  In doing so, I implicitly say, “Not thy will, but my will be done.”  I act as if I am the sovereign and God and/or demons and/or whatever other supernatural powers I invoke are my servants rather than my masters/sovereigns.

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3 thoughts on “The Difference Between Prayer and Magic

  1. My dear, there is no such thing as magic… Magic is basically daily practise of doing a task so fast for your eyes to see. Like any other work the more you practise the more skilful you become I’m your profession.

    1. Slight of hand is what it’s actually called and I am totally aware of it. I hope you followed the article to its source and finished reading as it becomes obvious as to where it leads.

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