With the growing threat from the Ebola outbreak in Africa, it was expected the epidemic would be front-and-center at this week’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit held in Washington, but now an NBC reporter is giving the meeting of heads of state a birther twist.

During MSNBC’s Tuesday coverage of the event, host Joy Reid introduced NBC White House correspondent Chris Jansing, saying, “The White House clearly, I assume, is hoping that this will be part of president’s legacy given his background.”

“Yeah, the fact that he’s from Kenya,” Jansing agreed. “And that fact that when he was elected there were expectations from the African continent that he would do great things for them. This is a concerted effort by this administration to get American companies to invest.”

Reid noted the president’s father was from Kenya but did not attempt to correct Jansing.

Only after about 10 minutes did Jansing correct her earlier statement, Raw Story reported.

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“I misspoke at the top before,” she said. “It is obviously the president’s father who is from Kenya.”

“We, of course, know what you meant,” Reid replied.

MSNBC is not the first media outlet, seen to be in Obama’s corner, that has advanced the notion Obama was born in the African nation.

As WND reported in 2010, at that time archives for tax-supported National Public Radio revealed a 2008 report that described then-Sen. Barack Obama as “Kenyan-born” and a “son of Africa.”

NPR’s promotion for the story included a brief description of West African correspondent Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, who “describes the stories that have been exciting, including the U.S. presidential race of Kenyan-born Sen. Barack Obama.”

NPR removed the reference to Obama’s Kenyan birth from its archives following WND’s report.

That same week in 2010, WND reported a Kenyan lawmaker telling his nation’s parliament Obama was born in Africa and was therefore “not even a native American.”

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