Warrensburg Bans Breastfeeding Near Pools for Fear of Contaminating Water Kids Pee In All Day – UPDATED

In Missouri, mothers can breastfeed their children without fear of being hit with public indecency charges. It was signed into law back in April:

The bill addresses situations such as one in Jackson County last year in which a breastfeeding mother brought her 7-month-old along while serving on jury duty and a judge found her to be in contempt of court.

The new law establishes an exemption from jury duty for breastfeeding mothers upon request and specifies a legal right to breastfeed in public settings. Supporters say 12 states have such statutes.

Boom! If you want to uncover, you’re covered.

Let that kid latch on.

But then, since the law was passed, a mother in Gladstone was told she couldn’t breastfeed her child at the pool:

Andrea Valley feeds her son Kai whenever he’s hungry and for a growing baby, that’s often.

“Sometimes when babies feed, it’s not real cut and dry, sometimes it’s on/off, look around, on/off, look around,” Valley said.

However, a week ago, a lifeguard at the Gladstone Community Center pool asked her to move and feed her son in a private area.

“If you say a mom can’t breastfeed in public then basically you’re saying she can’t be in public with her baby because of how often babies need to eat,” Andrea’s husband Joe said.

Andrea told the lifeguard she was going to feed her baby and there’s nothing wrong with that.

“He said, well, we do ask people to move. It’s kind of a thing we do. I said, ‘Well, ok, no, I’m still not going to move,’” Andrea said.

Another manager came and asked her to move as well.

They later realized their mistake and apologized.

So now, let’s talk about Warrensburg:

The Parks Board reaffirmed a policy that prohibits breast feeding in or near city pools due to “concern for the general sanitation of the aquatic facilities.
Parks Director Dodee Matthews said the board adopted a similar policy in 2012. The change follows “clarification” of breast feeding rights in a new state law that took effect Aug. 28, she said.

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