John Kerry: The Bible Commands Us To Protect Muslims From Climate Change

Secretary of State John Kerry had a decree for the world. In a twisted version of scripture, Kerry misquotes the bible to say that it means America should protect the Muslim world from climate change and “Global Warming”.

A short time ago, John Kerry made the statement that “Global Warming” was the greatest threat to America. This was in spite of the Pew Research Center finding only 28% of people found “man made global warming” to be a threat, the Wall Street Journal finding six threats bigger then global warming that the administration should be worried about, and one reporter noting after 48% of scientists have came out saying it is a “hoax” that perhaps Kerry should be nominated as a “Global Nutcase” resulting in the reporter being dismissed from CBS.

Our illustrious Secretary of State was at it again this Wednesday, September 2, 2014. This time he twisted a Bible verse to say we should protect Muslim countries from “Global Warming.”

On September 2, the United States Federal Government held a ceremony to promote a Texas Lawyer, Shaarik Zafar, to be a “special representative of the Muslim Communities.” If the promotion of a need to “unite religious communities” under the same system wasn’t enough to send chills down the spine of end times conspiracy theorists, Kerry took it upon himself to reinterpret the Bible.

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