Facebook Censoring – Move to Seen.is Today – New Social Media Site Hosted in Iceland!!

seen_is_resized_logo_blueThose of you who are experiencing censorship with Facebook and are tiring of this, you can now go to Seen.is and build your own community there for free.  We built this for Before It’s News and Unseen users.

You are accustomed to having quite a bit of freedom at our sites and it’s sad when Facebook censors important stories by “disappearing” them, or posting a “warning” about the site you are visiting.  Several weeks ago, I posted a story about the persecution of Falun Gong and Christians in China and Facebook put up a warning about it.  This story exposed some of the facts about the live organ harvesting happening today.  They have removed a lot of radar data from MH370, the missing airliner.

If stories like this are censored…what else are you missing?

Here are some of the differences you’ll find at Seen.is:

No censorship!  Keep in mind we do have a Terms of Service that will need to be followed for things like pornography, copyright violations and defamation.  If we receive a complaint, we’ll investigate.  If you are accustomed to the freewheeling style at Before It’s News, we think you’ll enjoy Seen.is

NO ID required.  The Face is now asking certain people for their ID’s.  That’s beyond the pale.  You can use whatever name you’d like at Seen and no ID required.  Sheesh!!

No search crawlers.  We’re blocking those critters because once they crawl a page, whatever you posted is theirs forever.  We think you should be able to delete things if you make a mistake.  We know this will hurt the traffic, but we think you’ll appreciate this.


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