Vampire Cops to Establish Nazi-style Checkpoints Over Labor Day Weekend

Checkpoints, ‘no refusal’ blood draws now standard fare during national holidays.


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The police state will be rolling out in full force this Labor Day weekend, as police departments in several states prepare to violate their citizens’ Fourth Amendment protections, under the guise of keeping drunk drivers off the road.

Cops nationwide are warning holiday revelers they will be subject to mandatory blood draws if an officer merely suspects them of driving under the influence.

The practice, termed “no refusal,” involves police administering roadside sobriety tests, alcohol breath tests or forcibly extracting blood samples without a person’s consent, securing evidence which would aid a future conviction. A judge is typically on hand to issue search warrants, attempting to give the illegal blood draws an air of legitimacy in the face of blatant constitutional violations.

In states like Florida, police went one step further by erecting guilty-until-proven-innocent roadside checkpoints in the week leading up to the Labor Day weekend, where officers inspected driver’s licenses, proofs of insurance, vehicle registrations and checked for seat belt violations.

“Saturation patrols, bar and tavern checks, and checkpoints will also be held at various locations in Tennessee, Georgia and the southeastern states,” according to

Police in Georgia will also be working alongside Alabama, and North and South Carolina law enforcement agencies in an effort titled “Hands Across the Border,” which emphasizes law enforcement entities’ authority to stop drunk drivers visiting from other states.

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