New Age Nero Plays Golf And Vacations While The World LITERALLY Burns


Let’s get something out of the way for all the partisan readers and Obamabots who will NOT like this graphic portrayal of the current US President.

George W. Bush was perhaps the worst president in US History.  His eight year term in office clearly marked a new low point in American history.  By unlawfully and deceitfully invading both Iraq and Afghanistan, he set the entire world on a course toward World War III.  His entirely bogus War On Terror was as contrived as it was an ongoing policy of state-sponsored terrorism against the non-white, non-Christian world.

In the end, W. Bush will be known as the occupant of the White House who triggered the real Clash of Civilizations after outright stealing two national elections.  So determined were the Neo-Cons to push the world into a WWIII scenario that they found in George W.Bush a mean-spirited, narrow-minded and self-absorbed individual who could be easily manipulated into doing just about anything Dick Cheney et al. told him to do.

Oh, yes, one last thing — and it represents a HUGE difference between George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama.  Please forgive our candor but the following short exposition is quite purposeful in making an extremely important point.

Screen-Shot-2014-08-23-at-12.02.30-PMAs follows:

Everyone knew deep down inside that W. Bush was unfit for presidential duty and quite a dangerous dolt.

He, himself, knew he was a knucklehead .

We all knew he was a knucklehead.

The entire world knew he was a knucklehead.

He knew that we knew, that he was a knucklehead.

We knew that he knew, that he was a knucklehead.

And so on and so on … … …

What’s the point?

W. Bush was really only being himself … which is exactly why they selected him to push the planet into a never-ending War on Terror. 

He clearly possessed all the qualities of someone who would think nothing of destroying whole nations.  In this way, he was the perfect dupe in which his blatant prejudices, stunning ignorance and complete lack of compassion could be used to kill and torture perceived enemies the world over.  By publicly declaring an Axis of Evil out there in his world of boogeymen, he failed to realize that it was the USA, UK and Israel which constituted the real Axis of Evil.

Is it now clear that we have no political alignment with either left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican?!

Now let’s shine the spotlight on Barack Obama.  Here’s a guy who was pushed onto a different world stage as the bringer of ‘Hope and Change’ in the midst of the terrible despair and depression brought about by W.  Obama cajoled and bamboozled us, conned and beguiled us (not the whole US, but many).  His is an ongoing act of extraordinary deceit and deception. To those who had eyes to see and ears to hear, however, he was an obvious charlatan.  And every move he has made since his first inauguration has corroborated these quite hapless observations … which are especially unfortunate for the American people!

What’s the point?

Written by: MICHAEL THOMAS of STATE OF THE NATION where you can read his (this) complete article.

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