Letter sent to Congress contradicts previous denials…

The Obama administration’s decision to let illegal aliens bypass security procedures and board passenger jets without identification has been confirmed in a recent letter sent to a member of Congress.

But it still is “irrational, to say the least,” according to a government watchdog organization.

According to a report published at The Gateway Pundit, a letter from the Transportation Security Administration “shows statements made to the media and posted on Twitter by the official account of the TSA spokesman Ross Feinstein denying the practice were misleading at best.”

When the initial reports appeared that the federal security agency was allowing illegal aliens without proper identification to be boarding American airlines using just a Notice to Appear document handed out by the government, the TSA called that wrong.

“You can’t fly by just showing a ‘Notice to Appear,” a statement from a TSA social media account said.

But according to the Pundit, a letter dated Aug. 7, 2014, to Rep. Kenny Marchant, R-Texas, states:

“If a passenger does not have an acceptable form of identification, then the passenger is allowed to present two other forms of identification. One of the two forms of identification must bear the individual’s name and other identifying information such as photo, address, phone number, social security number, or date of birth. TSA may assess a variety of government issued documents to establish passenger identity. The I-862 form may be used along with another form of identification in this instance. As part of the issuance process for Form I-862, the person undergoes a biographic systems check, and a biometric systems check against both the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System and the Automated Biometric Identification System prior to the issuance of Form I-862. TSA needs to be able to assess a wide range of information proffered by a passenger in order to investigate the passenger’s identity and make sure that watchlist matching has occurred.”

The extended explanation continued, “If a passenger can only present a Form I-862, TSA will attempt to establish the passenger’s identity through DHS partner Components, such as U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). If other DHS Components are able to provide corroborating information (such as that the I-862 was issued to an individual with the name provided) to permit TSA to verify an individual’s identity when taken together with all other information available, the passenger is permitted into the screening checkpoint to undergo screening. If unable to verify the passenger’s identity, TSA will deny access to the screening checkpoint.

“If either of the two alternate identity verification procedures described above is used, the passenger will receive additional screening of their person and accessible property to ensure he or she is not carrying prohibited items and does not represent a security threat to an aircraft.

“Additional screening includes a pat-down and explosives detection screening of accessible property. The passenger will only be allowed into the sterile area after successfully undergoing screening at the checkpoint,” the letter said.

Judicial Watch, a major government watchdog organization in Washington, reported on the idea in a blog posting, noting a government source had confirmed it.

“Specifically, JW’s government source reveals that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is letting the illegal aliens surpass security at the El Paso airport in Texas. ‘They are catching airplanes at EP Airport, TSA is letting them go around security,’ the DHS official confirms. ‘No picture ID, just a slip of paper.’ This indicates that the passengers’ true identity has not been clearly established. It’s not unreasonable to conclude this could present a national security threat.”

“In the meantime, American citizens and legal residents must present a valid photo ID, provided by a certified government agency, before setting foot on a plane at any airport in the United States. The TSA, the famously inept agency created to protect the nation’s transportation system (mainly airports), after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, also makes law-abiding passengers take off their shoes, jackets and empty their pockets. We have come to accept this as a necessary national security measure,” Judicial Watch said.

“Exempting illegal immigrants whose true identities are unknown to federal authorities seems irrational to say the least. In the last few weeks JW has reported, based on information provided by inside government sources, some of the desperate measures taken by the administration as it tries to cope with the barrage of UACs. From the start the influx created an out-of-control disaster with jam-packed holding centers, rampant diseases and sexually active teenagers at a Nogales facility, according to JW’s sources.”

Multiple TSA statements, when the reports of boardings being allowed with just a court document, first appeared, said they were wrong.

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