image Executive Director Keith Davis is thinking big when he talks about his plan, which already is getting under way, to rescue tens of thousands of Christians who fled to Iraq’s Kurdish territory when an ISIS army of jihadists took over vast regions of the troubled nation.

He’s talking about renting jets, leasing ships and setting up a global delivery system to transport Christians facing extermination to freedom-loving nations.

But then, the need is huge. There are estimates that up to 200,000 of the “diehard” Christians who resisted the resurgence of Muslim influence in Iraq over recent years finally have fled in front of ISIS, or Islamic State, orders that they convert to Islam, pay a “tax” or die.

The Financial Times reported that from just one town, Qaroqosh, an estimated 15,000 Christians fled when ISIS troopers stormed in.

The Christians are now behind lines of Kurdish military forces who have been active against ISIS. But analysts predict the Kurds ultimately will be no match for ISIS fighters who armed themselves with the latest U.S. military technology when Iraqi army soldiers fled.

Join in support of this effort to save Christians from the looming danger from ISIS.

So the Christians can expect extermination when ISIS ultimately moves against Kurdistan, analysts warn.

“The Kurds, no matter how many weapons we give them, will be unable to stop this onslaught,” Davies told WND. “The West needs to provide tens of thousands of troops today but will not. The 200,000 Christians in Kurdistan will have no where to go but to face jizya (a tax on non-Muslim subjects), convert or die.”

He said the alternative to total destruction for a population that has lived in the region for millenia is to help them escape Iraq.

Written by BOB UNRUH
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