South Sudanese church leaders: ‘The West has forgotten us’


Photo by Kieran Doherty / Oxfam

Church leaders in South Sudan said yesterday that the world has turned its back on the war-torn nation and little is being done to help the millions in desperate need of humanitarian aid.

Representatives from the Africa Inland Church, Episcopal Church of Sudan, Presbyterian Church of East Africa and the Pentecostal Church in South Sudan met in London yesterday to launch an appeal in partnership with the Barnabus Fund, urging the West to support their efforts in rebuilding peace.

They spoke of a joint vision to see the Church reach its potential to bring reconciliation across the fractured country, but insisted that the international community must recognise the severity of the situation and come to its aid.

“We believe the Church can make a difference,” Bishop Martin Mogga Ilfoga of the Africa Inland Church declared.

“We cannot stand by and not act.”

Significant political unrest has plagued South Sudan since its secession from the north in 2011 following two bloody civil wars.

A fresh wave of violence began on 15 December last year in Juba, the capital city, after an attempted coup by soldiers loyal to President Salva Kiir’s former deputy Riek Machar.

The fighting subsequently escalated, spreading throughout the country and fracturing it along ethnic lines, though leaders in South Sudan have stressed that the war is political, not tribal.

Written by Carey Lodge
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