Jesus’ Return: Waiting on a ‘God From the Machine’?


What motivates your longing for Christ’s return? Is it a healthy and discerning enthusiasm for Christ’s glory to be revealed, or simply a desire for easy resolutions to the numerous problems plaguing humanity? While the latter may seem God honoring it actually contains a pessimism that is self-fulfilling rather than preordained.

A technique sometimes used by ancient Greek playwrights to resolve plots with no natural or easy solution was to drop in a deus ex machine (god from the machine). While usually an unconnected and sometimes even an illogical resolution, it was a practice meant to quickly bring order to chaos. More importantly, while bringing the story to a conclusion, it pardoned the actors and playwright from making the difficult decisions for resolving the plot.

I wonder if this kind of thinking is at the root of much contemporary eschatology. And, if so, does it sedate the enthusiasm of many Christians for moving the kingdom forward in the here and now?

It seems many have accepted the position that the Church is only meant to restrict the evil of this age, not overcome it. Thus, the assumed pose is often gawking at a world in despair, filtering eschatology through the latest news cycle, and praying for our God from the machine to descend and do so quickly.

Written by: MICHAEL E. BROOKS of CHRISTIAN POST where you can read his (this) entire article.

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