Jesus Is All We Need

The Price He Paid – There would be no salvation today if it were not for Calvary. When Jesus went to the cross, He paid the price for all those who will trust Him by faith for salvation. He died a horrible death on that cross so that you and I might enjoy the salvation of God without price and without fear..

Anyone Can Be Saved – John [3:16]; John [12:46] (Ill. Jesus Himself said that His purpose in coming into the world was to rescue the perishing – Luke [19:10]. He did not come to save the religious or the righteous, but Jesus came to save the sinner – Luke [5:31]-32.)

2. Any Sin Can Be Forgiven – (Ill The Unpardonable Sin – Not an issue in our day!) Regardless of what you have done in life, you need never fear that Jesus will turn you away – John [6:37]. (Ill The Dying Thief on the cross, Luke [23:40]-43. This man had lived a wicked life and was even them dying on the cross. He had no chance to do good works, to be baptized, or to join a church, still Jesus saved him and forgave him all of his sins, Colossians  [2:13]-14.)

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