How Facebook Can Manipulate the November Election

It was the focus of the film The Social Network, but critics say that Facebook has become a political network — one that is two-faced and facing left.f544ef832cd2244d06293525833520ae_M

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has long been pushing amnesty and targeting politicians who oppose it. Now, warns American Thinker’s Jonathon Moseley, Facebook is going so far as to block Republican activism from its website and may use social-network manipulation to turn out the vote for liberal candidates.

In a piece entitled “The Facebook Factor in the GOP’s Battle to Take the Senate,” Moseley writes that he had started an “Event” on his Facebook page designed to raise money for Republican Kevin Wade, who is running for U.S. Senate in Delaware against Democratic incumbent Chris Coons. Coons is vulnerable, and putting his seat in play increases the GOP’s senatorial fortunes in November. But, reports Moseley, making Wade’s bid realistic requires the candidate raise at least one million dollars through September. This is why what Moseley reports next is eyebrow-raising:

Monday night, Facebook deleted the “Event” this author created: “KEVIN WADE: Don’t Hope for Change: Vote for It: $25 from 3,000 for US Senate, Delaware, Republican, by August 20 FEC reporting deadline.” The common function — routinely used by liberals — allows a user to invite his own “friends” (in Facebook terminology) to join in one’s Event. Asking other friends to donate to a cause or a candidate is widely accepted and practiced … but apparently not for Republicans. The “Event” was deleted, meaning that this author’s over 4,937 Facebook friends will not receive this author’s personal invitation for them to donate to Kevin Wade.

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